Parents Conduct


Parents/Spectators can have a great influence on children’s enjoyment and success in football. All children play football because they love the game and its fun!

It is important to remember that whatever level of skill a child exhibits, positive encouragement will further contribute to:

The children’s enjoyment of the game

Their sense of personal achievement

Each individual’s self esteem

A continued improvement in the child’s skills and techniques

Parents/Spectators expectations and attitudes have a significant bearing on a child’s attitude towards:

Other Players




Please ensure that as Parents/Spectators you:

Are always positive and encouraging towards all of the children, not just your own

Applaud the opposition as well as your own team

Avoid coaching your child during the game

Refrain from shouting and screaming and do not use inappropriate language

Respect the Referees decision and never enter into an argument with any official on the touchline or the field of play!

Give attention to each of the children involved in football not just the most talented

Give encouragement to everyone to participate in football

Ensure your child is appropriately equipped for the conditions or the event

Deliver and collect your child promptly or notify the Coaches if you have a problem

Discuss these codes of conduct and explain the importance and relevance of them to your child